White Wine Varietals

If you are fascinated by white wines you’re either just starting your love affair with wine or you’ve reached the golden years. In the beginning there are reasons to be enamored; foremost probably is that it’s served chilled, it may have some sweetness and there is no bitterness from tannins. For a time in the middle you’ll be seduced by red wines and see no other. Finally you discover the joy of complex white wines where balance is as precise as a ballerina’s and bouquet and flavours are as rewarding as a sonnet.

More than any other type of wine this is where the “Taste Profiles” in the search feature can be useful. There is such a spectrum of white wines and within white varietals that a star to guide by can be a great help. I tell you from personal experience, stumbling around in the dark one bumps into some exciting things.

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