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Krafuss Pinot Noir by Lageder

(posted 2/21/2012)

Pinot Noir from Italy? Indeed -and how! Sit down and relax for 90 seconds. Listen to Lageder's wine ambassador Urs Vetter on how Pinot Nero has taken root in the gifted soils of Alto Adige to yield surprising results -an exceptional Pinot Noir with a nimble elegance, profound breadth, and expressive fragrance. How is this possible? Tune in and hear for yourself first hand from Urs Vetter, a typical blond and blue eyed Italian of Sud Tirol (AKA the sloped paradise known in Italy as Alto Adige) where vineyards flourish according to Biodynamic agriculture and wine remains natural and compelling -not least their Pinot Noir "Krafuss."

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