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Chardonnay Wine

The saying goes that familiarity breeds contempt and then there is the ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) campaign. No doubt the most popular white wine varietal in the world, Chardonnay gets the rap as uninteresting, pedestrian and if there is a rap for ubiquity it gets that for sure.

Not necessarily so, say I. Guilt by association is the worst guilt of all. Many are the redeeming values to be found amongst the Chardonnays. First you must open your eyes to the array of styles available from this varietal. Crisp, highly mineral Chablis wine, nutty Meursault wine, nervy Chassagne, profound Corton-Charlemagne, voluptuous Sonoma County or weighty Napa wines.

If I must characterize this motley crew the aromas are apple, melon, butter and flavours of honey dew, stones and citrus.

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