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I don’t even know where to start with Riesling, so let’s just say that if I had to go the rest of my life and I could only drink wines made from one grape, I think I would be least sad about my existence if that singular grape were Riesling. Part of that reason is that Rieslings both good and great (sometimes I’m actually just looking for something “good” rather than earth shattering) can be made in such a wide array of style; from uber sweet to bone dry; from delightfully crisp and delicate to rich, unctuous, and mouth coating. Riesling really is a grape for all seasons.

The home range of Riesling is Germany where you find zesty, mineral laden versions from the Mosel/Saar/Ruwer, powerful, mineral laden visions from the Rheingau, spicy, belly filling styles from the Nahe, some surprisingly graceful and stylish bottlings from top producers in the Pfalz, and all around tasty Rieslings from all parts in between. The big secret about German Riesling is that most of what they drink in Germany is actually dry. The sweet stuff is mostly for export.

Don’t stop with Germany though. Alsace is home to some of the world’s most powerful (and historically dry) iterations of this most noble grape, and while the dry Rieslings of much of Austria can be quite nice, the best production in the Wachau region can easily rival Alsace and Germany in quality. Even Australia puts its hat in the world class Riesling game with top production from the Clare and Eden Valleys.

Yes, there is nothing enlightening about drinking a glass of “Johanesberg Riesling” or Liebfraumilch, but taken seriously and grown in the right spots, Riesling really is as good as it gets on all sorts of different levels.

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