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“The first obligation of a wine is to be red…” Harry Waugh. A sentiment of many other wine aficionados as well.

With only a couple of exceptions red wine grapes have white juice. The color along with much of the flavour comes from the skins. This adds enormously to the complexity but also the options in red winemaking. Length of cold maceration, fermentation temperatures, the possibility of co-pigmentation, must concentration, skin contact through pumping over or punching down or pigeage; the list is staggering. And what results from all this?

Red wine is more flavorful yet can still range from light-bodied and charming to big and brooding. All the things that go on in the winery lead to complexity that begs your attention; in some cases it down right demands it. Reds dominate the conversation, tucking at your sleeve or honking you along side the head.

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