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Dessert Wine

One can easily get lost here; your senses can swoon at the exotica and intensity of dessert wines. There is rarely a quieter moment at a dinner party than when the dessert wine is served. Apricots, Grandma’s canned pears, wild flower honey, caramel, toffee, the list of wonderful sensations goes on and on. Each varietal, from a specific region often made in a method that is centuries old yields its own signature.

Often quite expensive because of the difficulty in making them, the specific and infrequently occurring conditions necessary to harvest grapes in suitable form and, finally, the very small quantity of juice yielded from these grapes when they are available. Given the labor in the vineyards and winery and the scant quantities but most of all the heavenly pleasure they are worth every farthing.

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Warre's Late Bottled Port 2002 
Characteristics: Warre’s 2002 Bottle Aged Late Bottled Vintage Porto | 20% | Unlike most other Late Bottled Vintage Ports that are bottled and sold immediately once they have sent the required time in wooden cask, Warre’s is neither fined nor filtered but bottled with all the nuances that make this such a superlative LBV and it is then aged another four years in bottle to develop. A deep core thick skinned berries lift into a woodsy spice of pepper, cedar and sandalwood and curl about beneath a beautiful floral top note. Consistently the most vintage like LBV I taste each year and an example the other quintas ought to follow.
Wine review by Nicholas Livingston, February 27, 2014 (Flower)
Origin: Portugal - Douro
Average Rating: not available
Type: Dessert
Price: $320.00/bottle
Bottle size: 750ML
Bottles Per Case: 12
My Rating:
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